Startup services: IT Office Space real estate and Data Center services. Trademarks and Copyrights. Software Engineering Leadership programs

Startup Services. IT Office space and facilities. Software Engineering  Leadership Programs. Trademark and Copyrights, and IT Infrastructure services.

Infodigm Solutions LLC specializes in providing services to Startups and other companies in areas of Startup services, Enterprise Leadership programs and IT Infrastructure services below. Infodigm team of advisors and mentors are more than happy to support the objectives of Startup and other companies for Innovation and Success.

  • Intellectual Property rights (Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights etc. services).
  • Professional learning and development. Agile Scrum project management, Software QA Testing and other ITIL Training and Certifications to upskill the Teams.
  • Mentorship training and Leadership programs for Software Engineering best practices, Enterprise Digital Transformation, Production Engineering and Operational Excellence.
  • Collaboration for Startups Business development, Financing, Investment and funding opportunities.
  • IT Office space facilities sourcing and setup. Data Center with new Immersion Cooling Technology and other IT Infrastructure solutions.

IT Office Space service and other IT Infrastructure services:

Infodigm Solutions will source and setup Information Technology – Global workspaces. Value added services in providing consulting services to search find custom and ready built IT office space in India major cities – Hitech Cities, IT hubs, IT Parks and SEZ’s etc. We understand your business office space requirements and offer tailor made solutions.

  • IT office space planning, design and consulting
  • Business and Technology office space leasing
  • General Office property management, facilities and other services for Corporations, who are looking for office workspace and setup onsite or offshore offices in India HiTech Cities.

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